Cours AfroCuban Dance  

Descriptif, objectif et contenu du Cours Afro Cuban Dance  

Afro-Cuban Yoruba, Congo, Arara and Voudou dances from African origin are imported to Cuba from Nigeria, Benin, Congo and Haiti. The Afrocuban dance is based in a precise and complex technique, that includes the coordination of all body movements: chest, pelvis, knees, hands, feet, shoulders. This is extremely beneficial for all other forms of popular Cuban and Latin dance: this is why practicing Afrocuban is habitual for Salsa dancers of all styles.

At Camina, we believe in the importance of the connection between the dance and the drum and do a class with LIVE BATA DRUMMING on a regular basis. Each class starts from the Yoruba technique: movement of chest, knees (moello), shoulders, feet and body position. In classes, we learn the peculiarities and identifying steps, rhythms and songs of several Yoruba orishas. Apart from that, we will have the blocks of Congo and Arara in the end of each trimester, based on the strong shoulder movement and connection to the ground. We invite you for a beautiful Afrocuban journey of music, dance and rhythm!